The Lipton Memorial Gardens, located just North of the Village on the West side of Range Rd 2142 (coloured in blue on the map), 

The Lipton Memorial Gardens are located just north of the Village
on the west side of Range Road 2142 (coloured in light blue on the map). 

Cemetery Road view edited.png

Approximately 8 km North of the Village there is a Jewish cemetery. The Jewish settlers that came to Lipton as early as 1901 are a part of the rich history of our Village. The cemetery helps to preserve an important part of the story of how Lipton came to be.

Land location: NE-24-23-13-W2     GPS Coordinates: 50.9720620, -103.6906390

Jewish Cemetery map.jpg

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Catholic Cemetery.
Land location: NE-35-23-13-W2     GPS Coordinates: 51.0073010, -103.707.2900

Holy Trinity Cemetery
Land location: SW-21-23-13-W2     GPS Coordinates: 50.964840, -103.7723480