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Lipton Memorial Gardens

The Lipton Memorial Gardens are located just north of the Village on the west side of Range Road 2142 (light blue on the map). It is split by the center path into the old side (North) and the new side (South). The cremation circle is at the far West end at the end of the pathway.

GPS coordinates: 50.913040, -103.854276.

Approximately 8 km North of the Village there is a Jewish cemetery. The Jewish settlers that came to Lipton as early as 1901 are a part of the rich history of our Village. The cemetery preserves an important part of the story of how Lipton came to be. This cemetery is not under control by the Village of Lipton and is listed here for informational purposes only.

Land location: NE-24-23-13-W2     GPS Coordinates: 50.971728, -103.690317

Jewish Cemetery map.jpg

Please note that the following cemeteries are not controlled by the Village of Lipton. They are located within Lipton's RM, and are listed for informational purposes only.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Catholic Cemetery.
Land location: NE-35-23-13-W2     GPS Coordinates: 51.0073010, -103.7072900

Holy Trinity Cemetery
Land location: SW-21-23-13-W2     GPS Coordinates: 50.964840, -103.7723480

St. Henry Kronsberg Cemetery
Land Location: NE-10-22-15-W2     GPS Coordinates: 50.862890, -103.995487

Assumption Cemetery

Holy Trinity Cemetery

Lipton Memorial Gardens

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