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In Person
We accept cash, cheque or debit in the office.

The Village of Lipton can be set up as a payee with your online banking platform. Please note that payments could take 3-5 business days to go through. 

We accept e-Transfers to We are registered for auto-deposit. 

You can fill out a Pre-Authorized Debit Application, and your utility bill will be withdrawn from your account monthly between the 1st - 10th. The form will need to be returned to the office along with a void cheque. This option only available for utility payments.

There is a locked black drop box on the outside of the Village Office on the right hand side of the door. Your payment can be placed in the drop box in an envelope along with your name and address. 

Payments can be mailed to:
Village of Lipton
Box 219
Lipton, SK
S0G 3B0


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