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Garbage Pickup

The Village of Lipton picks up garbage weekly from the alley bins. Pickup is on Tuesdays

with exceptions due to breakdowns, weather, emergencies, etc.

Pickup for businesses takes place on Fridays.

Garbage Pickup Rules

  1. DO NOT leave water in the bottom of the cans;

  2. DO NOT put loose dog droppings/cat litter in the cans;

  3. Bag all garbage;

  4. Trees - if it is not neatly stacked and easy for pick up we will not grab them. Trees to be picked up should be placed in the back alley in a location that does not block the alley;

  5. We will not pick up random garbage all over a residents yard.  It needs to be in the proper pick up area.

  6. Do not leave broken bottles in the bottom of the bins.

  7. Compost is only compost.  Do not put garbage, diapers, dog droppings, plastic containers, plastic bags, hopes or dreams in with the compost.

  8. Compost dumped in alleys will not be picked up. Please bag it.

  9. The tree pile on the lagoon road is just for trees. Do not place pallets or lumber in the tree pile.

  10. Garbage bags should not be over 25 lbs max.

  11. Please make sure there are no safety hazards near or inside your bin, such as insect nests.

Recycling Bins

There are blue bins located on Shamrock Ave. across from the village office. They are available for residents only. We ask that you only recycle permitted items, and please be courteous of others. Make sure all of your items are contained within the bins. The bins are tipped every other Thursday.

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