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Garbage Pickup
  1. Garbage pickup days are usually Tuesday or Wednesday unless we are delayed due to weather or equipment repairs.

  2. Do not leave water in the bottom of the bins

  3. All garbage MUST BE BAGGED and inside your bin. Loose garbage in or around bins, or garbage bags in improper locations will not be picked up.

  4. Ensure your bins are in good condition. Broken lids, sides, etc., should be repaired.

  5. Your bin must be big enough to hold two weeks of garbage. Suggested specifications are below. Please note that bin lids should have hinges and a chain so the lid cannot fall all the way back when opened.

  6. Garbage bags should not be over 25lbs max.

  7. Make sure there are no safety hazards near or inside your bin, such as insect nests or broken glass.

  8. Do not let your bin become tree covered and difficult to access.

  9. Do not put unbagged dog droppings/cat litter in the bins

  10. Cement, rocks and tires are not household garbage and will not be picked up.

  11. All leaves and grass clippings must be bagged in clear garbage bags or recyclable paper bags. Trees and branches must be cut into 4ft lengths, and stacked neatly in the alley in a location that does not impede the use of the alley in order for them to be picked up. These items may also be deposited in the designated piles along the lagoon road.

  12. The Village offers composting. Compost dumped in alleys will not be picked up, it must be bagged. Do not put garbage, diapers, dog droppings, plastic containers, plastic bags, or any other items in that are not compostable. If these items are included, compost will not be picked up. There is now a bin for compost out at the lagoon. Please dump your bags into the bin and the bin only. Please do not put plastic bags and containers into the compost bin. If the Village notices that improper items are continually put in the compost, the service will be discontinued.

  13. Cardboard will not be picked up—please deposit flattened boxes in the BLUE SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING BINS across from the Village Office. A list of recyclable items is included.

  14. Left over paint, empty paint cans, aerosols and electronics (TV’s, VCR’s, computers etc.) are not part of residential garbage and will not be picked up.

The Village of Lipton is a part of the North Valley Waste Management Authority. NVWMA offers many services including a household hazardous waste depo where pesticides, toxics, corrosives, flammable liquids and physically hazardous products can be turned in and an EcoCentre building that accepts oils, antifreeze and oil filters.

These services are in addition to the dump, which upon prior arrangement can accept many special items such as gain bags, twine, tires and much more.

NVWMA also offers recycling. Regular recycling is available for various plastics, glass and paper, but recycling for batteries and cell phones is also provided.

For more information visit their website or call 306.331.8016 or 306.332.7519. 

Recycling Bins

There are blue bins located on Shamrock Ave. across from the village office. They are available for residents only. We ask that you only recycle permitted items, and please be courteous of others. Make sure all of your items are contained within the bins. The bins are tipped every other Thursday.

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