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​Located at 203 Watson St., the Village Hall has a seating capacity of 342 people. It has a separate bar area with sink and a large kitchen fully stocked with all cooking supplies. The kitchen also has a two oven, six burner and flat grill gas range. There is also wheelchair accessible washroom facilities. The main section of the hall has hardwood floors and a stage area.

If you require more rental information please contact the Village Office during business hours at 306-336-2505.

Lipton Hall Regulations for Renters

1. Make arrangements to pick up keys from the Village Office prior to the date of the function. Call 306-336-2505 to arrange a time. 

2.  Decorations and all other items are to be attached to only the tackboard and hooks provided. NO ITEMS are to be attached to the walls in any manner whatsoever. No decorations are to be hung from the ceiling or the metal conduits on the ceiling.


 3. After hall is used, please turn down furnace thermostats to 15 degrees and turn off all lights. Exit light switch is located to the high left of the kitchen door. Turn off the ceiling fans and fan over the stove. Close all windows.


 4. Unplug coolers, wipe them out and prop open the doors.


 5. Bag all garbage; tie bags shut and put them in the outside garbage bin.


 6. Box all bottles if using the bar area. Remove all of your items from the hall. (Food, drinks, bottles, cans and decorations etc.)


7. Wipe off all tables. Tables and chairs are to be put away by the person/group that rented the hall. Please use table and chair carts at all times. Do not drag chairs across the floors.


Note:  If you use the rectangular tables from the basement, they must be returned to the basement.               


 8. Sawdust is provided to sprinkle on hardwood floor for dancing.


 9. Wash coffee perks and all dishes and cutlery and stack in appropriate cupboards.


10.  No tea towels are provided.


11. No dishes, pots or other items are to be removed from the Hall.


12. Lock all doors after your function and return the keys to the Village Office. If you cannot drop them off during office hours, leave them in the locked mail box on the front of the Village Office.


13.  No confetti of any kind (metallic or paper—this includes table confetti) is allowed in the hall. 

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