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The earliest accounts of Lipton, Saskatchewan begin in the early 1880’s when settlers began to file land claims and started calling this land home. It wasn’t until 1905 that Lipton became incorporated as a Village with a population of 160.

​The History of Lipton is as diverse and varied as those pioneers who chose to brave the unknown and start a new life in uncharted territory.

In those early days Lipton was ‘where the iron ended’ and was a major hub of those homesteading in the surrounding areas. The store in Lipton sold everything from groceries to building supplies. The land agent and post office were also located here. For a few years, Lipton was the jumping off point for settlers and did a good job at providing the needs of the early settlers. Lipton was named after Sir Thomas Lipton, a British Tea Merchant and Yachtsman

As the years rolled by, Lipton continued to provide its residents with a safe and welcoming community that takes pride in the many things it has to offer. The village continued to grow to a population of 345 as of 2016. To this day the diverse backgrounds of the early settlers can be seen in the local Lipton residents. It is the diversity and heritage that makes Lipton a great place to call home! 

Within the Village Office we have had the privilege of finding many interesting pieces of Lipton's history.  Everything from  history books to photos, a clear picture can be painted of how Lipton came to be and how it's landscape has changed over the years. Check out some of what we've found below:

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Prairie artist Emma Gebhart was commissioned to paint two murals on the side of the Village shop in the summer of 2021.

Both murals are historical depictions of Main Street during the early years.

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